Bead Selections

Create a different look with a new colour palette of beads using our discounted bead selections.
Rainbow Bracelet
$ 3.00
Freda the Clarinet Player Ea...
$ 3.00
Mushroom Bracelet
$ 3.00
Easter Bunny Earring
$ 3.00
DB 2106 Opaque Hawthorne (50...
$ 24.80
50mm Gold Plated Ball Headed...
$ 3.80
50mm Silver Plated Ball Head...
$ 2.60
Double Loop Bow Charm (x5)
$ 1.80
Mini 3D Boris and Betty Bunn...
$ 8.00
3D Ferris Wheel Fairground O...
$ 13.34
3D Ticket Booth Fairground O...
$ 7.50
Mini 3D Clown Figure Pattern
$ 7.00

ThreadABead Christmas 2017 Train Project

All 5 parts now available of the ThreadABead 2017 Christmas Project.

ThreadABead Christmas Village

Our ever expanding popular beaded Christmas Village, Click the button below to enter our wonderful beaded winter wonderland .....

TRUE2™ 2mm Beads

The perfect bead to embelish delica beadwork, being only fractionally bigger than a delica bead.

Introducing the ULTRA!!!

Thread zapping just got easier! The Ultra has lots of new features including a retractable nib and even a compartment for holding a spare nib ...

Buttons make great clasps

Make a clasp on a beaded bracelet using a button, simply affix the button to one side and create a loop on the other! We have loads to choose from..

Beginner Beaders Selection

Colour coordinated carefully selected range of beads especilly for beginners to beading ....

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