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Large Bead Palette By ThreadABead

Large Bead Palette By ThreadABead

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Bead Palette, Storage, ThreadABead Wood Shed
Wood, Acrylic
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42 section bead palette (Also available 25 section).
100% recycled acrylic lid with easy secure magnetic closure so you can view colours easily.
Use with our Sticker Sheets for no more laborious labelling.
Each section holds about 4g of beads.
Large Palette contains 42 Sections each 3.25cm x 2.75cm x 6mm deep.
Designed and made in house by ThreadABead.

More Details

Our designer Lynsey says "If you are like me and you enjoy doing beadwork with 20+ delica colours you don't need to imagine this scenario.....

At the start of your project you need to find 20+ colours, open those little pots, bags or tubes and get out the beads you need. You then need to put these colours away (or like me they languish with the project until they are needed for another project and then, yup you've guessed it I can no longer remember where I put the colour). Then when you have finished your project you have to get 20+ delica colours out again and put said remaining beads away in those little fiddly containers. That is not a fun part of beading!

And do you know what? I don't do it, I use a beaders palette instead.

My beaders palette holds a small amount of every colour I have - usually a couple of grams. When I start a project I get out the main colours (usually up to about 5 colours) and the rest I source from my beaders palette as they are usually only needed in small amounts. If I run out of a bead colour half way through a project, do I get up having to look for more of the colour I want? No, I reach for my beaders palette to the side of me and I usually have enough of the colour in there. When I have finished, all my remaining beads are then added into my beaders palette. No finding the right container, opening the box, adding beads, closing the lid and putting it back in the right place (ok maybe not always the right place). Instead, I just open my palette and scoop the beads into the correct area..... let me tell you this is much, much faster.

This is a solution I have used successfully for years and I would not be without it, my palettes are always by my side when I am beading. Just think I have well over 100 delica colours within arms reach. They are also a great place to put those pesky little left over beads where you only have a very small amount and no real use for them. In your palette they are easy to get to and much more likely to be used as a substitute colour.

Now, I will say I don't think a beaders palette is the best place to store all your beads (although you can of course do this) but for quick access to small amounts of beads I don't think it can be beaten.

A tip I will give (and which some of you are wondering about) is to get those last few beads out of a compartment, where a scoop sometimes fails, I just push the dampened pad of my finger into the compartment and out comes those little evasive beads."

This palette is also available in a smaller size.

Sticker sheets are available by clicking here.

Each section measures 3.25cm x 2.75cm x 6mm deep holds around 4g of beads, and there are 42 sections in total.

Warning The Palette contains small parts and is not suitable for children. Magnets used within the palette could affect the functioning of pacemakers and implanted heart defibrillators. It is not recommended that people with these devices use this item. Discontinue use of item if magnets are not correctly adhered.