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ThreadABead Easter Wood Wreath Ornaments (x3)

Easter Wood Wreath Ornaments (x3)

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Ornament, ThreadABead Wood Shed
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Wooden Easter ornaments in 3 shapes; circle, egg and diamond. The ornaments are made from Birch plywood and are engraved with the message "Happy Easter".

Each ornament has an area of holes suitable for a beading needle to pass through several times, allowing beadwork to be stitched to the ornaments. 

There is also a loop at the top of each ornament to allow ribbon, twine or a loop of beads to be tied on for hanging.

Circle: 7.25cm x 6.5cm width x 3mm depth

Egg: 8cm x 5.6cm width x 3mm depth

Diamond: 8.26cm x 7.5cm width x 3mm depth

The Mini Beaded Flowers for Easter Wreath Ornament pattern is available at:

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