Gift Card Terms & Conditions



When you purchase a gift card, you will be purchasing the gift card from ThreadABead Limited (Registered office: 1 Trinity Place, Midland Drive, Sutton Coldfield. B72 1TX. Registered in England under company number 08178944. VAT number 204512848) ("ThreadABead").

Please read these Terms carefully. By purchasing a gift card, you accept these Terms. Feel free to print or save a copy for your records. To obtain more information about these Terms please contact us via the "Contact Us" page of our Website or email us at

ThreadABead reserves the right to add to or amend these Terms from time to time. Amendments will take effect when posted our Website. Please check our Website regularly for changes. If you purchase a gift card after any amendment to these Terms, you agree to be bound by the updated version of these Terms.

Gift Card Purchases 

The sale of individual gift cards is subject to availability. Your order is an offer to purchase from ThreadABead, and we retain the discretion to refuse your order.

If we accept your order, we will display a confirmation page on your screen at the end of the ordering process, and at this point there will be a contract between you and ThreadABead. We will also send to you an e-mail confirmation of your completed order, for your information. We recommend that you print out a copy of the confirmation page and/or confirmation e-mail for your records.

It is your responsibility to check your gift card order as we are under no obligation to rectify mistakes after a contract has been formed. Unless otherwise expressly stated elsewhere on these Terms (see below), gift cards cannot be cancelled, exchanged or refunded.

Right to Cancel 

When you purchase a gift card from us, you have the right to cancel your order within 14 days from the day of purchase ("Cancellation Period"), provided that you or the person you have sent the gift card to has not used the gift card.

If you wish to cancel your order within the Cancellation Period please contact us via the "Contact Us" page of the Website or email us at

Gift Card Design Out of Stock 

If you purchase a physical gift card from us and when we come to fulfil your order the design you have chosen is not available, we will provide an alternative design gift card, and we will let you know of this via email. However, you are free to reject this alternative and we will provide a full refund.

Delivery and Loss in Transit 

Online Gift cards are delivered via email only. It is your responsibility to ensure the correct email addresses are entered into the ordering process.

Physical gift card delivery options and costs will be set out during the order process. Gift cards will be delivered to you in accordance with the options you have chosen.

There is always a risk that a gift card can be lost or stolen in transit. If you think this has happened, please tell us straightaway. Contact us via the "Contact Us" page of the Website, or email us at Provided you notify us that the gift card has been lost or stolen in transit within 14 days of placing your order, we will provide you with a remedy, as follows:

  • If the gift card has been used, we will cancel the gift card and refund any unused value on the card together with the delivery cost (if any).
  • if the gift card has not been used, we will replace the gift card provided that you agree to pay the cost of sending the replacement gift card. If you do not wish to pay the delivery cost, we will cancel the gift card and refund the cost of the gift card including the delivery costs.

Gift Card Price 

The gift card price and delivery cost shall be as displayed on the Website during the ordering process, except in cases of obvious error. Please note that we are not under an obligation to provide the gift card to you at the incorrect (lower) price, even after the confirmation page has been displayed and the confirmation email has been sent to you, if such a pricing error is obvious and unmistakable and could have reasonably been recognised by you as a mis-pricing. Price, delivery cost and availability information is subject to change without notice.

All stated prices include any applicable Value Added Tax or other tax.

Payment can be made by any method specified in the order process. We will deduct your payment from your card at the time we process your credit/debit card transaction. Refunds will only be made to the card used for payment.

Gift Card Terms of Use 

Please note that the use of the gift card by you or by the person to whom you have sent the gift card too, is subject to the Gift Card Terms and Conditions.

No Resale of Gift Cards 

You undertake that you will not resell or offer for resale any gift cards (whether at a premium or otherwise). We reserve the right to suspend or cancel a gift card where we reasonably believe you have not complied with this undertaking.

Privacy and Security 

Please read the Privacy Policy, which is deemed to form part of these Terms and is incorporated into these Terms by reference.

When you purchase a gift card, all details that you provide to us (including your name and credit card details) will be held and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy and will be encrypted using SSL technology.

Governing Law 

English law shall apply to the establishment of the relationship between ThreadABead and you prior to your purchasing a gift card. These Terms, and any contract between you and ThreadABead in relation to purchasing a gift card, are governed by English law. Any dispute between ThreadABead and you regarding these Terms and/or your gift card will only be dealt with by the English courts.

Terms & Conditions Of Use 

This card is issued by and remains the property of ThreadABead Limited (Company No. 08178944) whose registered office is Trinity Place, Midland Drive, Sutton Coldfield. B72 1TX ("ThreadABead"). Use of this card constitutes acceptance of these terms. Nothing in these terms affects your legal rights.

This card can be used online at to pay for bead patterns and bead shop items. All purchases using this card are subject to availability, and any other applicable terms.

This card has no value until activated. The value which can be loaded onto this card is between £5 and £100 or $5 and $100. You cannot re-load or top up this card.

The value on this card may be used where the transaction total is higher than the card balance, with payment of the difference. If you do not use all the value on this card in one transaction, the remaining balance will be left on the card. No change will be given. If a transaction made using this card is subsequently cancelled or reversed, any value owing will be added back onto this card.

You can check the balance on this card anytime online in the "Gift Card" pages.

The card will expire after a period of 2 years, at this point any remaining balance of value on this card will expire.

Please keep this card secure, as if it were cash. ThreadABead is not responsible if this card is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission. ThreadABead reserves the right to cancel this card if it reasonably suspects fraud or misconduct. Damaged, altered or cancelled cards will not be accepted.

This card is not a credit, debit, charge or cheque guarantee card. This card cannot be exchanged for cash or for other vouchers/gift cards.

This card is for your own personal non-commercial use. You may not resell this card.

ThreadABead reserves the right to amend these terms from time to time, to ensure compliance with law or regulation, for security reasons or to make non-material changes, and the amendment will be effective when posted online. We may also change these terms to reflect material changes to the gift card scheme, but we will post any material changes to these terms online at least 30 days in advance, and if you are not happy with these material changes, you can terminate your agreement with us for use of the gift card under these Terms no later than 90 days after the material change takes effect.

ThreadABead reserves the right to suspend or discontinue the gift card scheme on reasonable notice for legal, security or regulatory reasons, and any such action will be announced online. Reasonable notice will be given where possible.