Santa in his Hot Air Balloon...
$ 15.00
Santas Balloon Large 3D Stoc...
$ 13.16
Gingerbread Cottage Tea Ligh...
$ 18.00
Polar Bear Tube Ornament
$ 8.50
Traditional Santa Claus Secr...
$ 16.00
Halloween Trick or Treat Lar...
$ 14.00
Queen Memorial Panel
$ 0.00
The Christmas Nutcracker Orn...
$ 21.00
Santas Balloon Stocking Comp...
$ 40.66
Santa in his Hot Air Balloon...
$ 25.28
Cymbal SOUDA III Size 11 Mag...
$ 7.84
Cymbal SOUDA III Size 11 Mag...
$ 9.76
Cymbal SOUDA III Size 11 Mag...
$ 9.64
Cymbal SOUDA III Size 11 Mag...
$ 8.40
The Teddy Bears Rocking Chai...
$ 14.00
All I Want for Christmas Orn...
$ 4.00

ThreadABead Beading Boards

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We guide you through the wonderful world of beading! Learn about the equipment you need, the stitches you will use and lots of helpful tips & advice.

Join Us For A Picnic

Create your own Teddy Bears picnic, with our teddy bear and picnic patterns and component packs

Santa and Sleigh Project

Our 3 part Santa, Sleigh and Reindeers. Component Packs available!

ThreadABead Christmas Train Project

All 6 parts now available of the ThreadABead Christmas Train.

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Do you remember how much you used to enjoy visiting the fair? Come rediscover that excitement in a little beady fair ground world!

KO Thread

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Introducing the ULTRA!!!

Thread zapping just got easier! The Ultra has lots of new features including a retractable nib and even a compartment for holding a spare nib ...

KO & Nymo Thread

Add a professional look to your beadwork with matching coloured thread, over 40 colours to choose from.

Opaque Duracoat Delicas

We are so excited by this range of lovely colours, who wouldn't like colours like Toast, Banana or Watermelon...

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