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A4 Bead Mat Insert - A to Z Right Hand Side plus 3 (Lavender)

Bead Shop Reference: 4363

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Beading Board, Bead Mat
A4 Size, Cream Base
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Further Information

Bead mat inserts are replaceable and interchangable. Choose different configurations to suit your project.
Compartments labelled A-Z are designed to be easy to reach at all points on the board.
Bead Mat Insert has a cream Vellux beading mat surface, one of the most popular textures to use as a mat when working with Delica beads. Compartments are made from a felt material, available in 6 colours.
Ergonomically shaped compartments to assist when adding or removing beads.
Overflow sections to bring beads closer when you are working on areas of a pattern that require more of the bead colour.
Designed and made in house by ThreadABead to make beading our patterns even easier and fun.

More Details

Designed to be used with our A4 beading board.

Ideal for our designs which use up to 26 colours. It comprises of a Felt surface with Vellux bead mat underneath. On this mat there are less additional compartments than our A-Z + 8 bead mat, but a larger working area.

A-Z labelled compartments which each hold a couple of large pinches of a Delica size 11 bead (max approx. 200 beads), an ideal size for the majority of our designs using a large amount of delicas.

All compartments on the left hand side are designed to be easy to reach with the smallest movement of the arm possible, enabling faster and more comfortable beading. There is also a version of this mat with the compartments on the left hand side depending on your beading preference.

There are an additional 2 sections which are closer to the beader to be used when part of a design calls for more of a bead colour than you can add to the A-Z compartments. One you have passed that part of the design, these easy to reach colours can be switched to your next dominant colour.

Each compartment with its curved sides has been designed to be easy to add and remove beads using a scoop such as a Beadsmith Scoopeez (one of our recommended tools of choice).

Note, this mat is easily inserted and removed from the A4 beading board and so multiple bead mat configurations can interchanged on the same beading board.

Dimensions: Width 28.25 cm x Height 18cm.

A4 Bead Board that fits the bead mat insert is available here.

Please note, the bead board is not included and must be purchased separately.

WARNING: The Beat Mat Insert contains small parts and is not suitable for children.